The Anchor Holds is a devotional prepared by Jack Witte,

a long time member of Grace Church.

(This devotional's title is inspired by the song

"The Anchor Holds" written and performed by Donnie Sumner.)

March 1, 2021

“I cannot do it alone. The waves run fast and high, and the fog closes in all around, and the light goes out in the sky: But I know that we two shall win in the end …

God and I.”

Author Unknown
When did you realize that you can't do it on your own? Or maybe you're one who hasn't yet come to that realization. It took thirty-seven years for me to realize that without Him life was hopeless. Sometimes God will use trials and circumstances to bring us to the realization that we need Him in our lives, while for others He will use other means.


If you're the one who hasn't yet found God in your life, let me share this fact. Surviving in this world on one's own efforts is impossible. At every corner, sin lurks, ready to lure us in. We are constantly being bombarded with what the world wants us to do and believe. It can be very challenging, in fact living in this world today can be scary.


But here is God's good news … He will never leave us on our own. There is a word, omnipresent, meaning everywhere at one time. That is God.


There is another word to describe God, omnipotence. It means God has all the power.


Another word, omniscience, tells us God has all knowledge. God spoke of this in Isaiah 55:8 when He said …

“For My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways … My ways.”


God lives in all believers through His Holy Spirit. It's important to realize that accepting God doesn't bring with it the promise that all things will be made well, and the problems you might be facing this morning will come to an end.


God's promise is that from the moment you accept Him and ask Him for His forgiveness, you never again will have to face a problem or difficult situation without Him. This morning many are facing a difficult and challenging day.


If you haven't asked God to join you through the journey … what better time to ask Him to join you than this very morning. There is peace about knowing that you are never alone, that He is always with you. There is confidence in knowing that whatever will happen this day, God will provide everything you will need to see you through. There is joy in knowing that you have formed a partnership with the Creator of the universe, and on His faithfulness, you can depend. Is today the day?

Your Anchor will hold … in spite of the storms!


Grace is a multi-generational church which believes that the Bible reveals the Story of a LOVING God who cares about every detail of OUR lives, and Jesus- the One who is our only hope for this life and the next.

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