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Helping you change and address areas in your life that are getting in the way of you following Jesus and experiencing the blessing of living under His Kingdom rule.


Each family or individual in the Grace family has a shepherding Elder or Deacon that seeks to provide support, prayer, and is available to meet needs in their lives.

Nursing Home Visitation

We provide opportunities for those who are living in a nursing home to be visited providing prayer, bible study, and encouragement.

Funerals and Grief Counseling 

As we grief over the loss of a loved one we seek to provide comfort and services to meet the needs of the grieving members of that family. We also provide for those who need to meet after the funeral, grief counseling as they discover the new normal with their loved one.


We have a resources center that includes, books, DVD's, small group studies, and past messages from our worship services. You can check them out after the morning worship services.


We have individuals in the Grace family who are willing to come along side those who are recovering from an addiction or a stubborn stronghold in their life. We offer a recovery Bible Study and work with other churches in our community to provide  recovery opportunities. 


We offer marriage counseling and provide referrals to couples who are navigating the up-and-down of marriage, or simply desire to improve their marriage relationship. We want to help you grow as a disciple of Jesus within your marriage relationship.


One of the greatest joys, as well as challenges, is parenting. At times, parents need some training, support, and encouragement as they raise their children through all of the transitions their children go through as they become adults. We offer counseling to parents who need some counseling in their parenting.

Individual & Family Counseling

There are times in our lives when we get stuck and need help overcoming struggles. We offer counseling to those who want to experience true freedom in Christ.

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