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   Discover how following Jesus Christ influences your marriage and parenting.   


We offer training for couples who would like to mentor other married couples. We believe that God uses our experiences to help others change and grow.  Contact us if you would like to have another couple come along side you to grow in a particular area in your marriage.

One of the greatest joys, as well as challenges, is parenting. At times, parents need some training, support, and encouragement as they raise their children through all of the transitions their children go through as they become adults. We offer counseling to parents who need some counseling in their parenting.


In a recent survey, 90% of recently married couples said they were not prepared for the changes that marriage brought to their lives. Therefore, we offer counseling for every engaged couple that focuses on all the major aspects of married life. We require every engaged couple who is going to be married at GRACE to have pre-marital counseling.

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