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 Welcome to Grace! Here's some information that can help you get connected. 


We recognize it is hard to feel comfortable the first time you visit a church so we want to help you get acquainted and feel more confident as you visit but more importantly help you build relationships with those in the Grace family.  


We want to give you a tour of our facilities so you feel more comfortable as you visit us and build relationships with the Grace family.

Take the tour

We believe the most important aspect of life is building relationships beginning with God and then with others. We want to help you get connected with God and others by offering the following opportunities. 

Stories of Changed Lives

Please watch and listen to some stories of changed lives from people in the Grace family.

I'm New Too!

Please watch and listen to the journey of one person in the Grace family who started just like you and got connected quickly through getting involved and meeting people who they now have relationships with.

Why I'm STILL Here...

Listen to a story of a person who has been part of the Grace family for many years and how their life has been changed.

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